About Jocelynn

I grew up in the Hamilton-Niagara area, and my family has strong ties to Hamilton, my parents worked at the Hamilton Spectator and in Hamilton Health Sciences and my Uncle worked at Dofasco. I moved away to Ottawa for university and received a BA in Political Science in 2004. During my time in Ottawa I worked on Parliament Hill and experienced first-hand how public policy is formed and how to advocate for my community and neighbours.

I returned to Hamilton in 2007 and began working at McMaster in 2008. I have held positions of increasing responsibility and I am presently the Executive Officer in the Faculty of Social Sciences where I work closely with managers, unions and faculty members.

I moved to Ward 3 in 2009 when I bought my first home with my husband. We loved the old homes and I had childhood nostalgia for Gage Park as I lived east of Gage Park as a child. We have since welcomed three children into our family, the oldest two are elementary aged and attend Adelaide Hoodless Public School in grades 2 and 4.

Outside of my day job at McMaster, I sit on the Board of Directors of the St. Peter’s Daycare and on the Executive of the Home and School Parents Association at Adelaide Hoodless (which I joined this past spring). From 2009 to present I have served on many committees and organizations in our ward. I keep getting involved because I want to help our community continue to improve. I have always been willing to do the hard work that is needed to see through a task and I have had many successes in my volunteer work, most recently I was successful in applying for a grant to construct an outdoor classroom in the playground of Adelaide Hoodless, it will be constructed this school year.

I hope I am given the opportunity to act as the Trustee for Ward 3, I am the candidate that will fight for our families and our schools.