My Plan for Change

As Trustee I would do the following:

  • Fight for more funding for Building Repairs:

    • Our schools in Ward 3 have been underfunded for decades, we have decaying buildings and a lack of funds for repairs. The Board needs a plan to address these issues. Our schools have been falling apart while other schools in our Board have continued to improve.
    • Our schools without air-conditioning need this addressed now. The Board determines when air-conditioning is installed and our schools are long overdue. This is a health issue for our children and teachers!
  • Increase Program Resources:

    • We need additional resources for musical instruments, art supplies, science supplies and phys-ed supplies. Why isn’t the Board ordering these items in bulk and distributing throughout the schools? Buying for individual schools results in higher costs and inequities.
    • We need to improve access to support for our children with special needs such as speech delay support and support for ASD, ADHD and other behavioural disorders; early intervention is proven to be key, we need to reduce the delays and barriers.
  • Reduce the Waste:

    • Review the current pilot programs in our Ward 3 schools to determine if they are meeting the needs of our children. Some costly programs – the iPad Pilot Project, for instance – are paid directly out of our school’s budget with no input from our teachers or administrators, and with very little technical support. We need to review these programs and see if there are measurable positive results for our children.
    • Review the budget being spent on central Board costs such as meeting refreshments, office supply costs and furniture costs. Our schools are struggling to pay for snack programs and furniture for our classrooms, the central Board office can do their share and cut costs to be redistributed to the schools.
  • Improve Student Travel Safety:

    • I will review our School Travel Plans and speak with our Principals to see what we can do to improve our children’s safety while they travel to school. Some solutions might be designated car drop off areas and increased protected bike lanes.
  • Connect with you:

    • I want to hear from you about what is working well and what is not working at your school. We can work together to affect change in our schools, our kids deserve it!
    • I will use social media, local newspapers, and my website to engage with our community and share the issues being discussed at the Board. I want to keep you informed!